Kevin Michael Clark has been playing, building and repairing acoustic guitars for over 30 years.

He started very young, and took his passion for stringed instruments to OVATION Guitars, where he spent nearly 20 years developing his talent. Kevin’s reputation grew strong and he became the go-to guy on many key projects for the company. During his career there, he learned many valuable lessons as he witnessed Hamer, Fender and Guild put their stamp on a historic company.

In 2008, Kevin took his talents and lessons learned outside of OVATION, and began building custom acoustics for clients around the world.

In 2014 Kevin met Mike Mushok, famed guitar player of the band STAIND and, most recently, Saint Asonia. Mike is local to Western, MA with a long-standing interest in building acoustic guitars. During his senior year of college, Mike landed on the factory floor of the historic New Hartford, CT OVATION location working on a research project focused on acoustic guitars.

Following the encounter between Kevin and Mike, the plan was in motion. Kevin and Mike swiftly assembled a team of musicians and strong business minds, and K. Michael Clark Guitars, LLC was established.

The mission of K. Michael Clark Guitars is to produce a limited amount of classic and custom designed instruments for professional musicians and collectors alike.

Please take the time to browse through our Model section and Gallery to see the different designs and options.

We hope you consider becoming part of the K. Michael Clark Guitar story.